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Rick Martin Passes Away

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Not sure where I should put this, Mods. but move it if you must.

Rick Martin passed away yesterday (Sun.).

From TSN

"BUFFALO, N.Y. - Two weeks after being reunited on the ice in Buffalo, the Sabres' famed French Connection lost a member when Rick Martin died Sunday.

The 59-year-old was pronounced dead at a suburban Buffalo hospital at around 1 p.m., New York State Police Capt. Steven Nigrelli said.

Martin's death came as a shock to the Sabres, who were preparing for an afternoon game against the Ottawa Senators."

I seen Rick play against us and it was always a nail-biter. The French connection Line were always dangerous.

R.I.P. Rick. :(

BTW. you can go over to the Sabres boards and post condolances there as well.

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So unexpected...sad news indeed.

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Sad, for yet another person, "way too early". May he rest in peace. :(

My very first NHL hockey game attendance has the line on the ice: Buffalo at Montreal in the old Forum. The final score was 11-2 .... but I am forgetting now for which team! :o:D I may have been about 6 years of age.

They were silky smooth those three. Great ambassadors for the game, for the team, for Quebec. Now, one has gone on.

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