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Game #71 | Tampa Bay Vs. Montreal | Thursday, March 17th 2011 @ 7:30 Pm Est


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Haven't been called a kid in quite some time. I like it. :D


Hey Quiet Gramps. Us cool kids (me and kinot) are having a conversation here. :P

anyways excited for spring break but have tons of school work over it sooo really not much of a break

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IIRC, it was after the blowout loss to Vancouver but before the blowout loss to Edmonton.

This article, http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Hockey/NHL/Montreal/2009/02/12/8364531-sun.html implies it was right after a blowout loss to Calgary and before the blowout loss to Edmonton. Good times.

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This article, http://slam.canoe.ca...364531-sun.html implies it was right after a blowout loss to Calgary and before the blowout loss to Edmonton. Good times.

;) Yep, I sure do miss country-club practices and a head coach whose ambition was to create a team that didn't need to be coached, ever. He'd be the perfect coach for a team of robots.

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I am so happy right now.

Me too. Good luck on your math exam tomorrow/today.

I like how Price flicked the puck back at Purcell as if to say, "Yeah, that crap ain't going work on me." :D

I would've loved to have been a fly on the net and heard what he said to him. It would have been even better if he turned and posed at him!

How did Jacques know? Dawes?!

That was pure genius!

That my friend, is why he is behind the bench, and we are just a bunch of people posting on a forum.

All things considered, the Hamilton Habs deserved to win the game, and they did. They pick up one point on TB instead of two solely because of a bad penalty by Pouliot. Too bad, he was playing well....but he must learn to smarten up.

Palushaj looked pretty good out there. Price was solid, and Hammer....what can you say? Amazing.

Our first power play looked good, then we sputtered after that. Kind of like the Washington game.

It's a good thing we were playing a skill team like Tampa Bay with all our injured soldiers out....and we were fortunate that Vinny was tossed.

While I'm still not a big fan of JM, if he can continue to eek wins out from teams ranked higher than us with a depleted corps and a bunch of call-ups, I'm satisfied. Good choice on Dawes leading off the shootout, too.

Is Vegasrick praising JM? Excuse me a second. I have to look out the window to see if the sky is falling.

Anyway I don't usually do these post game recaps, but tonight was different. I personally did not watch most of the game. Got updates over the phone. I really thought we were going to get blown out of the rink and wanted to avoid the frustration of watching it happen. Boy was I wrong. I am loving that with our system, as long as the players follow it through, and are somewhat competent, (and the Price is Right) we can get points with five, count em five defenseman out with injuries and our best 2 way player. If we get most of these guys back in time for the playoffs, watch out, we will be dangerous.

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Nice to get the two points, especially against a team so close in the standings while we're ludicrously riddled with injuries.

It would have been nice to keep TB from getting a point out of the game, though.

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