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Game #76-washington @ Montreal


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Turning the Page

BROSSARD -- The morning after their toughest loss of the season, the Canadiens regrouped in Montreal to discuss the next step.

The attitude in the Habs' dressing room following an offensively-focused Friday morning practice was one of optimism. Rather than dwelling on the defeat, the team instead made use of a team meeting to refocus and get back to the elements that helped them find success in their most recent campaign.

"We only have a few games left and we're going to be going up against some good teams that have been playing good hockey," pointed out P.K. Subban, who recently became the first Habs rookie defenseman in the history of the organization to score a hat-trick.

"Maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it's a reality check for us," continued Subban on the subject of Thursday loss to the Bruins. "Anybody that was watching saw we didn't have the spark that we wanted and the intensity wasn't there. We have to use this to our advantage. We know we've played better than that this season and we have to get back to playing that style of hockey."

In a stall almost directly across the room, Michael Cammalleri was busy echoing his teammate's sentiments.

"We're not worrying or being too negative, but trying to be more to be aware of the changes that need to be made. There are only a few games left in the season and it does no good to overanalyze things at this point. It's time to let it all hang out and let things evolve from there," explained Cammalleri, while staying tight-lipped about the details of the Habs' team meeting.

"The message was, above all, that we needed to work on the things we discussed and turn the page. The details of what we talked about stays with the team."

Following a less-than-ideal return to action after being sidelined for four games with a lower-body injury, Tomas Plekanec, the Canadiens' most consistent offensive weapon in 2010-11, was evidently ready for his team to begin a new chapter.

"We talked about it after practice, we turned the page and now we have to get ready for Washington. Right now, we need to make the playoffs and we haven't yet so we have to go out and get some wins," expressed Plekanec while pointing out that this latest edition of the Canadiens is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

"We have a lot of character in this dressing room and we've responded well to tough games and tough situations all season long. This will be no different."

Only defenceman Alexandre Picard, nursing a foot injured by a shot puck a few days ago at practice, missed today's practice. Head coach Jacques Martin worked offence and he worked it pretty hard, given that his team has gone two games and another 6:05 since it scored its last goal.

Carey Gets The Start...

Martin later said that Carey Price gets his call to play nets Saturday vs. Washington and expressed full confidence in Price's energy levels, saying he pulled his goalie Thursday after five goals in Boston because he wasn't getting the support of his team. Alex Auld, his replacement, didn't get much more.


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only complaint would be that the Caps banner is bigger than the habs... :lol:



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FH10 your GDT as always is superb

Does the team appreciate them,I haven't heard

There's lots of talk of turning pages

Makes you forget last night rages

But it does no good on the past to dwell

Makes your life a living hell

So here we go another team to play

If in 6th we want to stay

We have to play the Caps tomorrow

We know that we can bring them sorrow

They are playing without their star

Like we have been this season so far( if the cap fits wear it)

But with hope they are coming alive

They just might take us by suprise

So come on HABS we know how good you can be

It would be nice if the rest of the league could see

Come on guys get your best skates on

With a bit of effort you can't go wrong

Please do it for the likes of me

Please a win let it be


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You predicted a... a.... THAT BANNED WORD IN THESE THREADS...

Alleyway for you.

calm down! that's not a final score prediction, that's the play by play and we're 1:37 into the game ;)

Edit: HTC, my bill is in the mail for bailing you out of that one :P

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Very nice FH. We better get that 5 minute warning tomorrow too. :P:lol:

I'll be here tonight...so it will be posted.:D....GO_HABS_GO.gif

Great GDT 10!Are you in net tonight?

Working on my glove hand as we speak...hockey-goalie5.gif

Yeah, it'll take more than THAT to fool me.


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Hopefully the Habs respond the same way they did last time they were blown away.

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