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Paul Kariya

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Does anyone think/hope he tries to make a comeback this upcoming season?

I hope so, he's worked hard his whole career...him sakic and Roy were my favourite players even though Im a hab fan. I wouldn't mind having him on wing, but we have enough small forwards.

I don't think so.

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Depend on what the doctors say & if he is symptom free. If not, for his health, I say no. Retire & enjoy the rest of your life. Too bad cause this guy was good. Would have loved to see him in a Habs jersey. Hmm he is 5'11 so I guess not.

Well obviously, I meant if anyone knew that he WANTED to comeback. I think if he feels he has a good chance of at least another good season, and a team willing to take him...go for it. When I was younger he was one of my favourite players and I too wished he played here...maybe not now for the fact that we already have enough small wingers.

Its too bad really, if the NHL could do something about headshots he probably would have been better statistically than he is. I hope one team somewhere does something for him when he retires.

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Notes that punishments are not severe to those who give out head shots, and that teams/management/coaching should be fined like bench brawls.

Glad he spoke out, he had potential to be one of the greats if it weren't for headshots.

Best of luck Paul...

Also can a mod change the title to Paul Kariya Announces Retirement?


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Was one of the best in his prime (I think he still holds the record for highest paid NHL player, something like 10 million a year, a lot higher if you take economic inflation into account). Too bad injuries ruined the later part of his career.

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