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Game 2: Montreal @ Boston-sat-april-16


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Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 1 sees our Habs


Vs the Boston Bruins


at the TD Banknorth Garden


The Last Game

The Canadiens, although outshot, pulled off a 2-0 victory against the Big Bad Bruins. The win snaps Carey Price's playoff drought of no wins in eight games, and shuts up a lot of pundits on the Habs being swept.

The big players of the game were Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez who put up the only points in the game (which probably shut up a few fans on this forum :lol: )

Zdeno "The Ape" Chara pulls out his old rotten tricks when he sits on Tomas Plekanec with less than three minutes in the third period. He took a roughing penalty on the play and sealed the Bruins' fate for the game.

My surprise of the game: Brent "The Caveman" Sopel - blocked a big rebound that was going towards a wide open net, he gets a cookie for it. (After the playoffs though, don't need that stuff when in game mode)

Points Leaders



Brian "Looks Up To Everyone" Gionta - 2 (2G)

Scott "The Mexilaskan" Gomez - 2 (2A)





Carey "The Saviour" Price - 1.000 Sv%


Tim "Drew Carey" Thomas - 0.900 Sv%

Keys to Success

In order to keep the momentum going forward, the Habs need to do the following.

  • Stay out of the penalty box
  • Stay out of Chara's sight
  • Keep forcing turnovers
  • Use speed
  • Keep the alley clear in front of price

The Lines

No word yet on what lines will be set of the Canadiens but it is safe to assume there will not be many changes. We might see Paul "The Beard" Mara back for game two to add some more grit, but it is not decided yet.

As per my usual GDT style, I don't care about the other team's lines.

What They Are Saying

"Gomer knew what he was doing; he passed to the right guy."

-Mathieu "I'm here too" Darche

"Guys were sacrificing their bodies all night"

-Carey "The Saviour" Price

"I've been fortunate that I was able to get the puck to Gio. It's been working for a long time. He's a goal-scorer. Even when he's in a drought, I know who pays the bills."

-Scott "The Mexilaskan" Gomez

"I think I didn't like a couple of our penalties"

-Jacque "Monoemotion" Martin

"Blah, blah, blah blah....."

-Various Bruins Personnel

Other Playoff Series

Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah...... This is the GDT, talk about that other stuff HERE!!!

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Great GDT

The goal herein game 2, to me, is to compete. Obviously a win is what the boys want, but just making sure the compete and fight hard should be the most important thing.

The bruins have doubt in their heads. I can guarantee you that. Let them blow us out and that doubt will be rescinded. Keep the game close (even with a loss) and we still are in a good position coming back home. Of course coming back home with 2 wins would be huge, not only because of the fact we'd be up 2-0 in the series but also because we would be way ahead in the mental game.

Im looking for another strong night from the top 2 lines and all of our best players being our best players once again. If that happens, we have a legitimate chance to go up 2-0. Plus Carey LOVES saturday night games :) hehe.

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Jedi you have an amazing sig

great GDT uncivil

Ditto on both comments. Jed, I actually chuckled aloud at this one. :lol:

And like I was posting yesterday, I think we've already had the mental advantage. Yesterday's shutout, however, just made it all the more pronounced. Not only do they have to worry about their nemesis the Habs, but they've also got Carey Price in their heads. For all their team's talk about having a master plan to spend more time in front of the net making things difficult on Carey, does anyone really believe that they didn't think about that going into game one? Or at least during the second intermission? They had no answer last night, and if the Habs can keep up their level of play I don't see things going any differently.

Just imagine how they'd feel if Montreal could pull off another win tomorrow. Makes me smile just thinking about it :)

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Great job on the GDT. ;)

We've struck the first blow in the battle of the mind games. Wouldnt it be sweet going back to the Bruins hell up 2-0?? The boys have to take a swipe at the jugular tomorrow night. I realize their mission of going home with a split is accomplished,, but they have to be pumped at the prospect of a 2 game lead going home. Thats the beauty of winning game 1,,,,ALL the pressure is now on the Bruins. Time to turn the heat up a bit more.

The seed of doubt has been planted. Time to add a little fertilizer. ;)

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It's just so glass-half-empty to say none of the Bruins are leading their team in scoring, when in fact we could say ALL the Bruins are leading the team in scoring. Even Rask. And I have no problem if it stays that way.

The Bruins' "new" plan seems to be to try to disturb Price more, so the D is going to have to be good at clearing rebounds and the forwards need to get out on the shooters quickly. If we do that and keep up the energy and forechecking we used yesterday, we'll be fine. The B's are going to come out with more aggression next game, but on the other hand, it may backfire if it lands them in the penalty box or if they spend so much time trying to get to the net that they get caught deep and give us odd-man rushes the other way.

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I've got a weird feeling about game 2.....like, the Booins will turn into their true identities of "Gooins" and run Carey all night with impunity, while the slightest sneeze from our players will result in a man going to the box. I can just hear Buttman and Daddy Campbell scheming over this one.

That said, I think Pleks will bury his chances when he gets them. I want Cammy to become more of a factor. I want Pouliot to stay on his feet!

Since the Habs are operating as a team quite well, I believe the spotlight will begin to balance out. But I don't think it will be because Gomez will let up. I think Scotty has come to play and make a $7 million statement. His game one accomplished that.....now, just keep it up. Likewise Ryan White. I know he took the "bad" penalty in the offensive zone to cancel our power play, but I thought it was a bogus call, or at least a call that could have gone two ways.

I look for Eller to get a few chances and capitalize on at least one. Heck, if he was open in front of the net as often as Cammy was, we would have had another couple of goals, probably.

Price just needs to be Price. Hopefully the defense will be even better in front of him, and they'll need to be, because Boston will no doubt be getting traffic in front of him.

It will be interesting to see the adjustments made by both coaches. JM will have to adapt to what will most likely be quite a different approach by his opponent.

Would LOVE to come home leading the series 2-0....and it's definitely possible. We've proven that.

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Your GDT is outstanding

Man with a name that is too demanding

Your name will not go in a verse

Why do have to be so perverse

But that doesn't matter one little bit

What matters is keeping the bears in the pit

Our guys played that game just right

We have to do more of the same tomorrow night

You know they will come out harder and stronger

We just have to play our game a while longer

As long as we keep on skating fast

They don't have the speed to last

You could see them getting out of breath

That speed to them is playoff death

What can you say about our boys

They played with them like they were toys

There is not a lot one can say

Just keep playing like that we'll go all the way

GO HABS GO :lol: :lol:

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