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Signs At The Bell Centre


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The Habs are coming home tomorrow night and with the rivalry between us and the Bruins as hot as ever right now, fan support is going to be important to keeping our momentum going. We all expect the crowd to be on Chara and Thomas and Recchi, so I thought I'd throw out the question in general... what are the best signs you've seen at the Bell Center? What signs would you like to see against certain teams, in particular the Bruins for the moment?

So is there something you'd like to say about the Chara incident? Do you have a comment about Dr. Recchi? Or Tim Thomas' flopping? Claude Julien's scowling and encouragement of goonery? Maybe you're saving something for Mike Richards, Alex Ovehckin, or Sidney Crosby... whatever it is, this is the place to post it.

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I like this idea for a thread Ted :)

Personally, I've never been a fan of signs that ridicule the other team and its players. Die Chara Die t-shirts or similar messages make me feel that Habs fan are lowering their standards to those of the Bruins. I prefer spur of the moment, born from an in game situation chants for that (like chanting the name of their goalie after we score, the now traditional 'referee sucks' or when we play the Bruins, the 'Lucic is a b...' chant when Lucic gets a penalty).

I prefer signs that support our players/team but I cant really recall a favorite one I've seen though I've seen many good ones. All I know is that the best I've seen were on the road, not at the Bell Centre. At home, I like how creative some people get with their 'Habs disguise' or with Stanley Cup reproductions. And the most impressive effect is the 20,000 towels waved and the deafening noise in general and crazy long ovations after a key goal we score or miraculous save by our goalie :)

Edit: the "Tomas Jagr" campaign of last year was pretty funny (signs, t-shirts, wigs)

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From the game last night...thought this says a lot....just how much respect PK has earned among habs fans...


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This isn't specifially Habs-related... or sign-related for that matter... but I like reading this thread so I'm hoping to bring it to the top again.

I really, really enjoyed the Rangers fans' "Can you hear us?" chants at Boudreau last night when they were up 3-0, after he called them out for being too quiet. It's too bad that Washington came back and won the game, but you've got to give them points for originality and style. The look on Boudreau's face was priceless :lol:

I like this idea too.

I wouldn't mind seeing a sign saying

"Paging Dr. Recchi,,,,your team is choking again" :P

PS: This is awesome

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