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Game 4: Boston & Montreal - Thursday, 04/21/11


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its the same as my first gdt. Just with updated info :D

I know,I remember that one but now it's so close to mine. Bah, I'm making something out of nothing. You did a great job on it, were clever in the process and that's what counts. If it's a winning one, even better.

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Nice GDT.

Most important game of the year so far. Just win, baby!

I would probably agree with this. A win & we're sitting pretty, a loss and we could be in some trouble (although we've come back from worse situations in both Washington and Pittsburgh last year).

My gut is that les boys will respond with a strong game & a quick start. Lets hope we're right!

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Great GDT Nine1one

Let's hope our guys get it done

No fooling around at practice tomorrow

Fooling around just brings us sorrow

Every game is now a must win

Cannot let the Booins get one more in the bin

We have to play every period like we did the last

You know these games go awful fast

We don't have time to rest on our laurels

The last game should have taught you the morals

Of thinking that you can not play

And get a easy win every day

This is the playoffs so don't be slow

I am suprised you didn't know

That they would come out shooting

So we ended up just scooting

Now come on guys get your brains in sync

Or the Booins will think we stink

GO HABS GO :lol: :lol:

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Not my best offering,but I have been chasing around looking for a place to rent my landlady has decided to sell,so we want to get out quick, been there done that,the last place we lived it was the same and no end of trouble,so come on HABS I need a pick me up

GO HABS GO :lol: :lol:

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Time to win and create some distance between the Bruins and the Habs!

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We don't need to go back to boston even-up.

Lets face it: even up back to Boston would still put us in a less precarious position than game 5 in round 1 last year, but I do NOT like the idea of that momentum shift.

The reality is that we have competed with them the whole series (unlike parts of last year's post season where we looked completely outgunned and outplayed) so we should have every opportunity to win tomorrow (thurs) night.

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Benoit Pouliot would seem to be headed for the Bell Centre’s press gallery Thursday night for Game 4 – if there were room. But since there’s not, he’ll likely be watching from the players’ lounge off the dressing room.

Pouliot was odd man out at practice in Brossard this morning, Jeff Halpern apparently bound for a return to action, practising as a winger on a line with Lars Eller and Travis Moen. But after practice, head coach Jacques Martin would not confirm the reinsertion of Halpern in the lineup, nor the dropping of Pouliot. A decision to be announced, it seems, on game day.

Tom Pyatt is skating with David Desharnais and Ryan White, the Canadiens’ top two lines untouched.

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