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I couldn't find a place to post my Thank You to Pierre Boivin for bringing back my love for the Habs so I opened this Topic.Without Boivin's heartfelt work in creating a Montreal Canadiens team with a system again and depth that makes it possible to believe the Organization actually cares about the product on the Ice.Fans like myself always a Habs fan,found disappointment in the developments in the NHL/AHL for at least a decade.Until Pierre Boivin stepped up to the plate and brought the best minds/systems back into the fold.(Bob Gainey,Doug Jarvis)and along with them Pierre Gauthier,Jacques Martin.Yes a sad Hab fan I was before Pierre Boivin put a smile and familiar glint in my eyes for the beloved Canadiens.Goodbye and Good Luck in your future Pierre Boivin.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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