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Special Teams (PP and PK) 2011-12

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Some bold thoughts...

1st PP unit:

Markov with Kostitsyn at the point, Cammalleri with Plekanec at the wings and Cole in front of the net.

2nd PP unit:

Subban with Weber at the point, Gomez with Gionta at the wings and Pacioretty in front of the net.

This formation has the advantage of keeping all 7 scoring forwards involved in a PP, without adding a defensive defensemen with PP time (Gorges,Gill). Of course there is a matter of the productivity that Spacek and Emalin can provide at the point, but i wouldn't keep my hopes so high. Also if Kostitsyn plays in the 3rd line, as speculated, you have to give him some quality PP minutes, in order to deliver his numbers, in a contract year , avoiding rust and unhappiness. I also think that he has developed his defensive aspect of the game the last couple of years, so i wouldn't worry with him being the last man rushing back, covering a breakaway.

1st PK unit:

Moen with Plekanec at front, Gorges and Gill at the back.

2nd PK unit:

White with Desharnais at front, Markov and Emelin at the back.

As much as i hate to see Pleckanec logging PK minutes, he excecutes this role so effectively, that you can't just ignore it. The Gorges-Gill combo may be one of the best in the league, as shown in the past, and the only concern might be the efficiency in PK by the role players such as White, Desharnais, Eller, Emmelin. They have to come out strong in order the team to finish in the top-5 in the PK (%).

Good thoughts. I also think you need to try and keep AK involved on the PP and while I'm not a huge fan of forwards playing the point, he may be an alternative if neither Emelin or Spacek proves to be capable. The other guy I'd like to see getting some PP time though is Desharnais. The guy is a solid passer and the extra space with the man up will give him the chance to show what he can do. I realize Gomez is not going to be kicked off the PP to start the year, but DD has to be considered if Gomez isn't performing in that role through the 1st 10-15 games. Another option, if we're thinking outside the box and we want both Gomez and DD out there, is to use Gomez on the left point on the 2nd wave in the role Markov plays on the 1st wave (i.e. as a puck distributor). His lack of a shot may become easy to defend, but on the other hand perhaps this will encourage Scotty to shoot more. This also then allows us to use Weber and Subban as the two point-men shooters in some order and DD at center with Pacman on the 2nd unit.

On the PK, I agree that we cannot simply keep Pleks onto the bench. He's too good in that role. But I would like to see us use some of the younger guys there too to cut down the minutes we demand of Plekanec on the PK. I'm fine with a 1st duo of Plekanec-Moen and I am ok with DD or Eller or even Engqvist if he makes the team. White is going to have to be eased into the rotation because he's not quite ready to take a regular shift there yet, but it would be beneficial to us if he can develop the ability to play the PK and save some of the offensive-minded guys for even strength and the PP. At present, I still think we'll have to rely on Gomez and/or Gionta on the PK unless PG signs another forward (another reason I believe a guy like Trent Hunter might be a good fit).

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I like what you're proposing for the PP grecohab. On the PK however I dont think we'll see only 2 pairs of forwards. Pleki and Moen to start it are a given in my books, but after that, others can enter the rotation. Maybe Gomez and certainly Gionta will see some PK action. At least 3 pairs for the 2 minutes. And on D, Subban will see some action too, he did surprisingly well with Gill in that defensive assignment last season. I guess, it will all depend on who is in the box and who has fresh legs when the penalty is called.

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My thought for the PP:

First wave:

Cole - Plekanec - Cammalleri

Markov - Emelin (2 left shots at the point, Markov is on the left side usually; could also be another left shooting d-man or a forward)

This one is good for cross ice setup: Markov to Cammalleri = in the goal. Also this is a good way to drill it a the net with Cole infront. Plekanec can control the puck as well and cycle with Cammalleri. Markov and Cole could switch as the play goes on. Markov likes to go backdoor near the net, Cole might be able to shoot from the point.

Second wave:

Pacioretty - Gomez - Gionta

Subban - Weber (2 right shot a the point, the two of them have powerful blast and Weber walks the line fairly well)

A bit the same kind of setup as the first unit, Pacman infront of the net, Gomez and Gionta for the cycle.

I can't really see Subban and Markov on the same unit, they both like to control the play too much and have a really different style of play. Depending on how it works there's also the third line that could jump in with AK - Eller - Desharnais. No shortage of talent :)

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Can't wait to see Markov feeding PK this season. If he can score 14 with The Wiz feeding him imagine what he can do with Markov out there with him!

u said it

there is no way a forward plays the point with these two healthy - never

perhaps on the second unit

it's going to be a top 5 power play i suspect and a top 10 penalty kill

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This Pleks on the point thing nees to stop and we NEED to work on entering the attacking zone the PP!

PP 1:



No, Cole hasn't been very successful on the PP but neither has this whole team this season. It couldnt hurt. Use the triangle on the point with Camy, PK and Diaz, it worked very well with the Wiz last year. Put Diaz in the middle as he is very good at getting his shots to the net.

PP 2:



Just basically our next best offensive players. Has a shooter, playmaker and a big body for the front of the net..

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PP has now scored in 4 straight games. There are still some shifts that look lie complete misses, but it's doing a lot better with Cole and Gomez out there...

I would still vastly prefer Pacioretty at the net instead of on the right boards, but yes, Cole and Gomez are helping the PP come around. If Subban is able to snap out of his PP funk, we might be able to have a functioning unit ahead of Markov's return.

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