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That may be, i also heard he snubbed that two way offer. He wants to be on the team and not play in the ahl like Andreas Engqvist. Nygren gets over when he feels he has well over 50% chance of making the team, not just to go on some tryout. Feel he is right on that, look how MTL replaced a spot that coulöd've been Engqvist via a trade for a not so much better player. Things like that will be seen by players and they will get wearry about joining a organization like that. There are many teams out there in the end and time wiull tell what happens. very much doubt he join the canadiens this year, if at all.

I guess it's annoying that he apparently refused a two year entry-level deal, but oh well. He can continue to play in Sweden and if he develops enough we can bring him over in similar fashion to the way we brought Emelin over. A one year entry-level contract and a spot on the roster. It'll be up to Magnus to improve his game in Sweden to get to that point. With Tinordi, Beaulieu, and Ellis in the farm system I'm not too concerned with Nygren.

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