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FIFA women World Cup

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You & daughters watching I assume.:P

Canada vs Berlin later on today?

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Canada sucks. 2-0 Germany firt half

No Canada doesn't suck, Germany is a machine. Had we sucked, the score would have been 5-0 like the last time.

Well we didn't expect to beat the Germans did we.

Nope. ;)

I thought the girls played VERY well, specially in the 1st half. The second German goal kinda chopped their legs though. The second half was more difficult. I'm glad they opened the tournament against Germany and that it's now over and done with. -1 goal differential is fine.

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The womens world cup is ALOT different from the mens,

In mens it seems to be all Europe, South America and Africa dominating, Womens is NA and Asia?

Women's it's Germany, US,

Japan were underdogs in all of it really

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