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#68 Yannick Weber 2011-2012


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No there is a waivers deadline where all 1 way contracts can be sent to Hamilton usually sometime at the very first of the year. If he then was to be called up and we again wanted him to be sent to Hamilton he then would have to clear waivers.


Would we really care? I mean, if we lost him on waivers... I don't think I would mind.

5th round pick > losing him through waivers ;)

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Guest habs1952

I agree Aussie, St Denis definitely deserves a chance. He has made mistakes (rushing the puck, coughing it up and it ending up in our net), but he can't be any worse than weber, who's been in and out of the line up for almost 3 seasons now.

Wondering if we have seen weber in a habs jersey for the last time. I didn't like his comment to the media. It was kind of over-shadowed by cammy comments, but he didn't make any friends in the dressing room.

I heard it on team 990, he said he was better than some of the players who were presently dressing for the Habs. This was while he was in the pres box. I understand he was upset about being scratched, but not a way to make friends... Telling the media you deserve to be playing instead of your teammates.

Either Gautier told RC who to play or Weber is delusional. Or both.

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Yannick Weber has shown himself to be nothing more than a 6-7 D with a decent slapshot. Not the kind of player I care about bringing back or letting go. I wouldn't even mind if he was lost on waivers for nothing at this point. Easily replaceable in the grand scheme of things.

i agree with you he has a good shot but way to small to be a defencemen.

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