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#53 Ryan White 2011-2012


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That brings up a good point that hasn't been mentioned in this whole value of fighting debate - the tradeoff. It's no big deal if two enforcers go at it, but White gets in a fight with a Gudbranson (or better yet a Chara) the other team will miss their player for five minutes a lot more than we will.

Yep. And Gudbranson is not a top defender in the league (yet), but he's been very steady for Florida as far as I have heard on television. When they dropped 'em I thought, "Good trade-off for Montreal." A fourth liner taking off a defenceman is a good deal any day of the week.

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Per Bob Mckenzie we have resigned Ryan White to a 1 way 1 year deal at $687,500.

Perfect, cap-friendly signing for he 4th line. He brings some nice things to the table in his role and it'll be nice to have him going into camp healthy this season.

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Good signing AND good price, for a 4th liner. That's exactly the type of signings we should be making for 4th line guys and not the 1 million/year contracts that we were hearing (in here) for guys like Staubitz.

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