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A New Kind of Boredom Buster

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We have all been extremely bored this offseason, so I have found a boredom buster that could last all offseason. Its a game called Mafia. I have played it before, and it's really fun.

Basically, there are 4 roles given to people that play the game. This will be based around a model of 15 people.

3 "Mafia": They choose one person to kill per night.

1 "Doctor": Can choose one person to save each night. If he chooses the same as the mafia, the person is saved, and does not die.

1 "Cop": Gets to examine one person per night and see if they are "innocent" or "mafia".

10 "innocents": They do nothing at night.

The game goes like this. People participate in their roles at night. The mafia choose to kill one person at night, the doctor saves someone, and the cop examines someone. After that is sorted out, daytime begins. This is the fun part.

The entire community votes to "lynch" someone everyday in hopes of killing off the mafia. The game ends when the mafia have the same population as the innocents or the innocents kill all of the mafia.

There can be no role revealing (true or false) in public conversation. This game is a logical challenge. Innocents have to figure out who is mafia and vote them out while the mafia try to conceal themselves. And ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING. This is the problem with every online form I have ever played. I think our forum population is decent enough to handle that rule though. :)

Just a note, if you are confused, this game is self-explanatory after 1 or 2 nights and days.

4 things, however:

1. I will be gone with no computer access (probably) for 2 weeks starting Sunday. This game will have to start a while from now, because I will run it.

2. Because mafia isn't exactly family friendly, roles will have names changed event will be different. For example, the cop will be the referee, and people don't die-they get benched.

3. I need 12-20 people interested for this game to work.

4. This game takes a daily commitment to get on for at least 15 minutes to play it effectively. Don't sign up if you can't do that. Some days will be exceptions, where people are busy, and if I get informed of those days on an individual basis, they will be accounted for.

If you are interested, post something in this thread saying you are. If no one is interested, I won't be offended.

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choose one person to kill per night

The entire community votes to "lynch" someone

:huh:................MAN...you folks are vicious,this alley business was funny at first,but now......

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