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Team A is offensive and Team C all defensive going by the personnel.

Team A: line 1 + youth

Team B: line 2 + youth

Team C: lines 3 & 4 + youth

Dave Stubbs: Delicious bit of stickhandling by C's Gallagher. Very nice

Dave Stubbs: Tape to tape pass by Price to Desharnais, who's sadly on the other team. Glove save redeems himself

Pic of Henry: http://twitpic.com/6mvo5y

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There goes to the season... See yall next year...

yep... no wait... he needs to let 6 or 7 in in a pre-season game first ;)

Henry scores.

I'm on twitter too. :P

most of the members here are ;)

Dave Stubbs: Yemelin had Gallagher lined up for hip check, just missed. Then Pleky tried same thing. Just missed

Alain Berger scores: 2-2

Lawson weak on the play

Pic: traffic in front of Price http://twitpic.com/6mvvbk

1st period over

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That's it for this morning... now awaiting various videos, photos and reports from the usual media sources :)

Cool stuff there CRB....I'm not into twitting but it was cool in seeing how you can relate all this back here.....neat.


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Hal Gill slapshot. Not quite a lifter. Enqvist from Gallagher with 42 secs left and AK46, will steal this 5-4, 3.4 seconds to play

no shoot out necessary today

Gagnon's 3 stars of today's scrimmage: 1- Gallagher 2- Yemelin and 3- Tinordi

The Habs have some really good prospects coming soon,can't stand the waiting game for Tinordi and Beaulieu to join an already impressive defence.

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