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It's killing me because I cannot embedded the darn thing in the post - not matter what i do so just click the link and watch. Read the description first if you don't know what it's about. Also, it's about 30 minutes long.

Arcade Fire presents Scenes from the Suburbs

Scenes from the Suburbs

I had been waiting and waiting for this to be viewable online and only found it yesterday so I decided to share.

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This is kinds cool, for those who haven't seen it. Legoman.

Why build a Gingrichian lunar colony, which would cost billions, when you can send a man nearly into space for only $400?

That's what Canadians Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad did with an albeit plastic man from Lego and a modified weather balloon.

The 17-year-olds from Toronto bought an $85 weather balloon online and rigged it to a Styrofoam box equipped with three point-and-shoot cameras and a wide-angle video camera.

They threw in $160 worth of helium from a party supply store, a dash of superglue, and voila, a Legonaut was born.

The toy ascended 80,000 feet over Ontario, recording the awesome footage in the video below, before floating back to Earth some 97 minutes later on a homemade nylon parachute.

It landed near Rice Lake, some 75 miles away from the soccer field where it was launched. A GPS-enabled cell phone onboard told the boys where to go.

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