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Gorges: Can't wait to the game's over...heading over to Carey's pad for the hoe down.

Eller: Ya..hear there's babes showing up....glad I got the invite.:rolleyes:

Gill: Food & drinks...just up my alley...ummm,fooddddd....and you guys are right...nice to be invited to Carey's party.

D D: :huh: Guys........guys,what invite....what party?.....Babes,drinks,food?.........................hello :huh:

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TIED FOR FOURTH - HRF, unci, HTL, kinot-1

Josh - Hey I thought David was with us?

David - Where did Josh & Lars go?

DD: Ok Hal, ready for my piggyback ride.

Gill: Not now David

Lars: Wait, the Defence are giving forwards piggyback rides? Lets go Josh.

Gorges: What?!?! Hal, aren't we carrying these guys enough already?

*Price in the distance*: You have NO idea

Gill: Hey guys,,,what do you say,,,short straw buys the first round after the game?

DD: Haha,,,very funny.

DD,,,,,,,"Guys,,,,Guys?,,,I'm here",,,,


THIRD PLACE - ColRouleBleu

DD: "When I grow up, I want to be like you"

SECOND PLACE - wmarcello

Josh: He's cute and all Hal, but bring your kid to work day doesn't mean you can bring him on the ice for practice.


The Habs new Barber shop quartet.

The 4 Habs.

Well, maybe 3 and 1/2.

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Congrats everybody and thank you CRB for the use of your photo. ;)

As you can see above,,,,voting was tight.

In case anybody is wondering how one of the judges made the top 5,,,,we are allowing judges to leave captions and participate in the fun, however,, they ABSOLUTELY CANNOT vote for themselves when submitting results.

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