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Favorite Comedian/Comedien, Duo, Or Show


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Everyone likes to laugh, so,,I am wondering what comedy person,,,or team,,,TV show, or stand-up comedian (if I missed something feel free to add it) do you like?

Personally, duo teams are not that frequent anymore, so my pick for the best duo of all time is Laurel and Hardy. they made me laugh in my youth and still make me laugh.

For a TV show,,,,I would pick Red Skelton, he told clean jokes all of the time and still made me laugh.

For a ventriloquist,,,I would say Jeff Dunham, he has a variety of puppets/dummies that make me laugh all the time.

For a TV show (in the past) the Lucille Ball Show could crack me up.

For a TV show (in the present) the King of Queens did it for me.

As for stand-up comedians, it's a toss-up between Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.

So,,,,what shows/comedians/stand-up person makes you laugh?

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Here a list of comedians I like:

For Italy:

Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill

Roberto Benigni


For France (& Belgium):

Louis de Funès


Dany Boon

Kad Merad

Gad Elmaleh

Benoît Poelvoorde

Roland Magdane


For Germany:

Otto Waalkes

Michael Mittermayer


As for British/Irish humor, I like TV Programmes like:

Monty Python's Flying Circus


Allo Allo

Father Ted

Fawlty Towers


And finally some North American comedians I like:

Adam Sandler

Eddie Murphy

Charlie Chaplin (although he was English, I put him here)

Jerry Lewis

Bill Cosby

sometimes even Woody Allen or Jim Carey


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Two of my favourite comedians ever are George Carlin and Mitch Hedberg.

The shows that makes me laugh the most are definitely That '70s Show and The Big Bang Theory.

And there are a lot of Youtube channels aswell that make me laugh a lot.

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Amongst others Billy Connelly, Ardal O'Hanlon (Father Dougal in Father Ted, great stand up), Danny Bhoy, Ricky Gervais...............Movies would be Adam Sandler, Jim Carey, Steve Martin and any Carry On movie.............. and heaps of UK sit coms Dads Army, It Ain't Half Hot Mum, On The Buses, Are You Being Served.......and Laurel and hardy and Marx Brothers, legends!!!!!

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John Cleese

Michael Palin

Eric Idle

George Carlin

Richard Pryor

Gilda Radner

Gene Wilder

Bill Murray

Dan Aykroyd circa SNL

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Old school: Jackie Gleason ( Honeymooners )

Today: Seinfeld ( *Kramer & George)

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