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Game 26, Canadiens @ the Sharks


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RDS, CSCA, And Probably Other TV,,,,,,Radio,,,Team 990

Will The Sharks Eat the Habs,


Will The Habs Harpoon The Sharks?

Stay tuned

San Jose is coming off a 2-0 shutout loss to the L.A. Kings on Mon. San Jose is 7th in the west with 21 GP and 27 PTS. They are 6-4-1 at home and in the last 10 GP, they are 6-3-1, with a 2 loss streak.

Anti Nemi is expected to start is expected to start, although Thomas Greiss could get the call, stay tuned. Nemi has a 2.35 GAA and a .922 SV% with 1 SO. Greiss is better with a 1.99 GAA, and a SV% of .930, and no SO.

The top point getters are Joe Thornton with 21 PTS., 5G, 16A, Patrick Marleau with 20 PTS., 10G, 10A, and Joe Pavelski with 20 PTS., 11G, 9A.

The Sharks have no significant injuries except for Nittymaki who is on injured reserve.

Quick team synopsis,,,,The Sharks are suddenly struggling to score goals -- only three in nine periods after a 2-0 shutout loss in Los Angeles on Monday. IMHO,,,they are due. They are 6-3-1 in their last 10.

After losing to the lowly Ducks last night, Montreal enters the Shark Tank tonight. The Habs are now 4-4-2 in their last 10.

We have a pile of missing players, that I won't go into.

This GDT brought to you by kinot-1 Enterprises,

a wholly-owned subsidiary of kinot-1 Bait and Sandwich Shops .

All rights reserved,,,Patent Pending. Any infringement will result in my (ahem) "lawyers" hunting you down,

dragging you out of bed, and taking you to the alley.

On edit,,,I posted it before I was done, so I had to go with it. :unsure:

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Well,unlike the habs Kinot-1......your 1st GDT does NOT suck.<_<

Well done bro.B)


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Kinot I liked your first Gameday thread

I think there's something wrong with my head

You know for me our team could do no wrong

But where has all the fun gone

PK has lost his smile

Gone the same place as Cammi's style

Pleks looks like he's losing heart

Finds it hard to do his part

Darche seems to have gone and died

Gio looked as though he cried

DD wasn't even on the ice

I have to say I feel sorry for Price

Cole spent the time riding pine

Why the hell do you bench our very best line

Ak is working really hard

At least he got one on he card

Josh you know he is always there

Seems like one of the ones that care

Eleven shots I heard were blocked by Gill

At least he's doing his job, still

The youngsters can't take all the blame

They must learn from their mistakes every game

I don't know about you but it seems to me

The ice is the last place our team wants to be

Now the fans are getting mad

But for me it makes me sad

Now all I've said I know is true

But remember HABS we believe in you

You can do this we know you can

We will be behind you to a man

GO HABS GO :huh: :huh:

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PS I forgot to add that

Moen and Eller aren't playing bad

Maybe a few others could learn a thing or two

About what a player is supposed to do

Cos these two players play really hard

Trying to get on the score card

GO HABS GO :huh: :huh:

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Do you guys know how bad we are?

Whats this...a trick question?<_<

< looks around for hope :unsure: > ,,,,sry 19,,,,can't find any around here. dontknow.gif,, :(


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Will not be on tonight....gonna pvr the game...will watch it in the morning....GO HABS.

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