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Seasons Greetings


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To you all, my forum friends.....Merry-Christmas.gif....Season's Greetings here from FH10.

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in the alley

Be there,,,,,,we have gifts for you,,, :lol:

If he's lucky St.NickFH will have a present for him.

LMAO ....You guys crack me up.....you guys are the best. :D....MERRY X-MASS to you all.

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I have no time for religion,is there a God I don't think so

There is too much fear and hate,for there to be a God,I'd want to know

But any reason for a holiday is okay by me

Just to see so many smiles is so good to see

What ever you want to believe is totally your choice

Jealous Gods I don't believe they should have a voice

But there is just one thing I would like to say

Peace on earth goodwill to men, I wish you everyday

HAPPY HOLIDAYS :lol: :lol:

But perhaps there is a hockey heaven,where players go to rest

Where you can see all the greats where you can see the best

If there is hockey gods up there,please help them hear my plea

Please don't let our season go down the drain,please don't let it be

In this season of love and giving,

Come on HABS your our reason for living

This New Year is time to change your play

We want to see things done the HABS way

Come on guys a New Years coming

Now's the time to get up and running

We all send the seasons greeting to you

Now you have to show what you can do.

GO HABS GO :lol: :lol:

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