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Any other bass players here?


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Not a bass player, but I'll be happy to send you to the official web site of one of the greatest bass players - vocalists ever (IMHO, this guy, along with Paul McCartney, are the ultimate standard for which bass players - vocalists will forever be judged by, due to the major roles they had in their former band's success) - Peter Cetera, Chicago's original bass player - vocalist and current solo artist. There is a photo section with pictures from both his solo career and his time with Chicago.

Peter Cetera - Official Site

He was with Chicago from 1968 - when he left the Exceptions to join them for Chicago Transit Authority, to Chicago 17 in 1984. His first solo recording - named Peter Cetera, was released while he was still in Chicago, in 1982.

Peter Cetera playing with Chicago - Call on Me, from Germany in 1977 (guitarist Terry Kath's last tour prior to his death):

His first solo release, in 1981, Livin' In The Limelight, while he was still with Chicago:

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I'm a drummer but I own a 4 string Fender copy and a 6 string HK Bass and play for myself at home sometimes.


I am not a good player so I wouldnt call myself a bass-player, but I would recommend a real Fender Jazz anytime. My buddie plays them and I liked em a lot when I got the chance to do so.

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