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Game #39 Sat, 31 Dec 2011 Canadiens @ Panthers 7:00 PM CBC, RDS(HD)


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We need a huge bounce back game tonight against the Panthers. Losing is not an option. That is all.


We need a serious about face and a winning streak of more than 4 games to even contemplate making the playoffs. I honestly don't think that is going to start tonight against the Panthers. We had a chance against TB but blew a lead again. Maybe we can go back to gaining points in OTLs.

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Nice thread, HRF. Short, succinct, and right to the point. I hope the Team gets the message.

I had to spend yesterday avoiding hockey. It helped Team Canada wasn't playing. Waking up to the memory of that TB loss hurt more than my hangover. It was so so stupid. We had a good grip on 2 points and let them both go away. Again.

The turnaround has to start tonight. Otherwise, any streaks will probably be too little, too late. If it isn't past that point already ...

GO HABS GO! Surprise us! Surprise yourselves, even. Get that lead, get that W, and then we can all go ring in the last year of the Long Count calendar with some semblance of hope.

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Won't be watching this tonight, gotta get hammered instead.

I'll be watching AND getting hammered :lol:

Like the habs.....get tanked :rolleyes:

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Let's hope they don't just celebrate the end of the year. <_<

Tell me about it. Contrary to popular belief, I actually still think our habs have a shot at playoffs. We are actually playing pretty good hockey. We can definitely improve in more ways than one, but I feel like whenever these guys want to start winning, and that means every single one of them, together as a team, they will have no problem doing so.

Also, just read the game preview. Holy Moly at the injuries in Florida.. let's take advantage of that.

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There were soooo many positives to the last 2 games, that I think if they keep playing that way, they will climb out of the hole they dug themselves.

Yup. I agree. With all of the internal problems in the organization right now, I actually think we are doing well. Yet, with our record looking the way it does, there will always be complaining in Montreal. We could be undefeated and people would still be cryin' about something ;)

Oh and, just bought tickets to the game against Boston in Montreal Feb 15th :)

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