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i have been a fan since the pollock days habs gm in the day and i have never been more disapointed with what gainey has done (sighning gomez long term 8mil a year for 19 goals in 2 1/2 years)PG inherited a team that had nowhere to go but down never the less PG has done nothing to improve the team as a matter a fact he is totally detroying it (sighning kaberle 4+mill year) handling of the cam trade sighning markov 33 years old for 3 years at 5.7 mil a year when he was injured (i can,t see him ever playing like he was 25 again)and hiring new coach cunneyworth. the once honeroble and most respected frachise is being brought to its knees i hope that ownership relizes that there is defenitly a problem and deals with it sooner then later they have a good young foundation to start and some good prospects its time to rebuild starting with the top (management)(wish we could get sam back)

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As far as I am concerned, management (Gainey, PG, scouts) have not been doing the best that they should be doing.

We have not had a management team in place for how long?

We are hamstrung by expensive long term contracts, that will doom us for 3-6 years.


Welcome to the best team forum around. :)

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