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Game #50 - Tue 31 Jan 2012 - Canadiens v. Sabres


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Paul Gaustad apparently tried to provoke Pacman by asking him "Where's Chara?"... to me, this is suspendable. It's poor taste to make a joke about a guy's broken neck/ concussion injury. It's just as bad as asking Subban if he slipped on a banana? Both comments are offensive and irresponsible, and in my opinion, the league needs to step in here. What a buffoon to make a joke about a guy almost being paralyzed.

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So much for the chemistry of the Gomez-Plekanec-Bourque line, that many people believed in. Gomez is a no case, and he is sinking Plekanec with him. The way our lines are stractured i predict a huge controvercy at the center position. Plekanec, in the current roster, is the No1 center. This is a fact due to his experiense, contract and prior performance. With the Pacioretty-DD-Cole line contributing constantly, and the AK-Eller-Moen/Blunden line having some chemistry, Plekanec is left centering a newcomer in Bourque and a non factor in Gomez. He is actually making his presence expendable. Here is the coaching responsibility i often talk about. Give Plekanec some decent wingers and leave Eller with the spare parts or at the wing, in the checking role. These adjustments should have happened in the second period last night, and they didn't. My adjustment should have been:





P.S We got killed in the faceoff circle, last night...

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