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  1. 1. Which player would you most like to see finish the season in the NHL?

    • Aaron Palushaj
    • Andreas Engqvist
    • Louis Leblanc
    • Frederic St-Denis

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Several guys have had the chance to get a taste of the NHL this season. Of the above players, is there one you'd like to see play out the year in Montreal... Who deserves it the most? Who do you most want to see? Who would benefit the most by being here?

Let us know, poll will be open for 1 week.

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I picked Palushaj.

Engqvist: While I hope to see him succeed, he REALLY needs to work on his faceoff skill. He needs to play with more confidence, it seems like hes so worried about making a mistake that hed rather go out and do nothing on his shift.

Leblanc: Hands down favourite prospect right now. Which is why I think we need to take our time with him, let him hone his skills away from a market that has him dubbed as the next French Superstar.

St. Denis: Hope to see him up soon, but right now hes not what we need on the back end. He can't come in and play the top 4, and we have a cluster of young inexperienced defense. Next year I hope weber will be gone and St Denis can slide in.

Palushaj: Virtually unimpressive all season. Needs to start playing with more confidence, seems to be a poor mans Pacioretty, I hope he becomes a good 3rd liner, could find chemistry with a line like Kostitsyn Eller Palushaj. And once Eller eventually moves up to a top 6 position, Kostitsyn Leblanc Palushaj could be a good line 2-3 years from now. I think in order for him to start impressing at the NHL level, he needs to start playing at the NHL level. Hes honed skills in the AHL, and done just fine, bring him up and let him play.

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I picked Enqvist, because time is running out for him and we need to see if he's ready yet.

I used the same rationale, but applied this to Palushaj instead. I think he needs to get a chance to play in the top 6, or at least on a third line with guys who can create offence. Palushaj projects as a top 6 winger or as a career AHLer. There just isn't a middle ground for him here. We need to know what he can do in that role.

In Engqvist's case, we also need to make a decision on him, but I see him as a 4th (maybe 3rd at best) line center and he's failed in the chances he's had in that role. I think he needs more time in the minors, but ultimately I feel we have less to lose in his case.

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Guest habs1952

I don't follow the Bulldogs so it's pretty hard for me to pick a deserving player. I'm thinking the Habs could trade up to 3 D-men (possibly 4?) so I'm picking St-Denis to finish the year with the Habs if only so PG can get a good look at him. I'm not too sure Enqvist is going to be in the Habs plans going forward. As for Leblanc and Palushaj, depending on any deals Gautier makes I think both could be called up also.

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None of those 4 names excite me other then LL,, and i would much rather see him get the huge minutes in Hamilton as opposed to the light ice time he's likely to get in Montreal.

The other 3 players are IMO, injury fill in players,, and i don't see that changing any time soon.

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I picked LL, because from what I have seen while he was up, he does the right things and will do anything to win. I like his work ethic, as he has wheels, forechecks and backchecks. He seems to fit right in.

Now that the season is almost over, Leblanc should stay until the end, Darche should find his spot at the press box, besides Nokaleinen, and i would try in the abysmal 4th line center position Dumont, De Simon and Nattinen so they can have a taste of the NHL. I think its prime time for Avtsin to play a couple of games with the big team. This kind of intention, might be a huge boost for these kids confidence.

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