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Game #79 Sat, 31 Mar 2012 Canadiens @ Capitals


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..Pronger.....Hartnell ....:rolleyes:

Neil, Backes, Oshie, Ott, Bieksa, Torres, Eager, McGinn, Downie, Clutterbuck, Stoner, Clarkson... I hate every single one of them. Despise. And yet, my opinion of them would change considerably if they relocated a bit.

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A lot of the time yes. But a guy like Grabs, Gerbe, Briere, etc. I could live without.

Briere...funny,I agree here,though I remember a time...here....when habs fan (most) wanted him badly when he ended up in Philly.:P

Change of tune now :lol:

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Somebody has to correct your grammar in here. :P

WASE tere sonthning wroog withe hiss grmmaure?

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