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Greatest Hab Moment of the Season

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I know this isn't the exact place to post this but I've been lucky to be alive for the last 2 cups and vividly remember the 1993 win. Still, My favorite Habs moment of all-time is the night Saku Koivu came back from cancer:


For me, the moment signifies all that is great about my city and the sport of hockey, we showed an unbelievable amount of class that day and I truly believe Saku Koivu will never forget it. From a personal standpoint, it means that much more because I feel like Koivu used that reception and the treatment he received in our great city to drive the funding for the only PET scanner the city of Montreal has. The reason I'm so appreciative of Koivu, the moment and its contributions is I feel they are all directly related to my best friend whom I just got off the phone with still being alive today.

He was rapidly staged with Hodgkins lymphoma using the Koivu scanner and started on Chemo right away and now > 3 years later he remains malignancy free. A delayed diagnosis could have cost us the window for treatment.

See, Sports and real life rarely merge in such a sublime fashion for fans but for me the Montreal Canadiens truly have represented the difference between life and death, that is why I love the Habs. That video should be used to recruit any free agent to our city because no other City can offer the opportunity to so deeply impact the lives of its citizens being "just a hockey player" as ours did Saku Koivu.

Win or lose, the Habs have my undying admiration for supporting the great cause of a noble captain.

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