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The television legend Dick Clark dies at 82

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The television legend Dick Clark, who originated "American Bandstand" and the perennial New Year's Eve celebration on ABC, died Wednesday morning, his representative Paul Shefrin said. Mr. Shefrin said that Mr. Clark, 82, had suffered a massive heart attack. Dick Clark brings in the New Year from New York's Times Square in this undated publicity photo.

Colleagues, friends and fans express their admiration for the American Bandstand and New Year's Rockin' Eve host.

Many of us here I'm guessing can certainly remember growing up watching American Bandstand....I know I do.

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I cannot remember when it was on every day, Monday through Friday. .....but back when in the early sixties, AB became a once a week, Saturday afternoon show,it was in the 70's that my memory is the best.....welll,sort of.:lol:....that I can recall the Saturday afternoon show.

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Wasn't Dick Clark implicated in a big payola scandal back in the 60's? <_<


Payola refers to the act of paying a DJ or a radio station to play a song. The practice is illegal in all major music markets. Payola was common in the early days of rock music, and many well known DJS fell from grace when the practice was exposed. Dick Clark was once famously involved in a payla scandal during a 1959 crackdown on the practice, though he avoided prosecution after agreeing to cooperate with investigators.

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