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How is the recovery going Larry?

Just to let everyone know I've started racewalking again, and will be doing the Bauman's Charity walk and the Crim 8k Walk this year.

I just love doing this activity as it helps me keep going. For all of you who don't know, racewalking is the sport of walking fast or over long distances.

I was watching the folks on the Today Show in the US just before the Olympics trying to racewalk, and they were out of breath after just doing 100 meters. I will be doing 5 miles in the Crim this year. I did 10 miles last year, but due to my illness and life getting in the way, I did not get a chance to get ready for 10 miles. We have an excellent training program for the Crim.

I'm also hoping to do some of the fall races, and continue walking all winter long. During that time, I just put on some chains to the bottoms of my shoes, and have at it.

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