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Gretzky Says Conn Smyth should be named after Jean Beliveau

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From TSN:

"In an interview with Larry Brooks of the New York Post, Wayne Gretzky suggested that the Conn Smythe Trophy should be renamed after Hall of Famer Jean Beliveau and that the Montreal Canadiens legend should be present when it's presented each year."

Works for me,,,,,,,,,,long overdue. :)

More here


What player could ever personify,the MVP of the playoffs better than Jean Beliveau,the ultimate team player.

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First who cares what Gretzky has to say, I never liked him he was way too soft.. what they should do is name The Rocket Richard After Beliveau then change the con smythe trophy to the Rocket Richard trophy because the Rocket was the best player to ever skate

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I cannot believe how ridiculous this one is. Conn Smythe donated the trophy, and it should have his name on it, just like Richard and the Canadiens donated the Richard Trophy. There was no playoff MVP award until Smythe donated his, and there was no award for leading goal scorer (they were lumped in with the leading points-getters - goals and assists for the Art Ross Trophy) until Richard and the Canadiens donated that. Both trophies helped cure a major injustice in hockey.

Richard would have been a multiple winner of the Smythe if it had been awarded during his career, and he never got the scoring title (back then, the other teams would award assists to guys who happened to be on the ice when the scoring play was made, regardless of whether they had anything to do with the score or not). He rightly deserved several. Unfortunately, it was the one he didn't win when he would have won in 1955 is all anybody talks about.

Understand that Richard was perhaps the purest goal scorer hockey has ever seen, at least up until Mike Bossy, who was an admirer of Richard's, and Richard admired him as well. Pure goal scorers don't tend to rack up a lot of assists because they are the ones who finish plays. And in my honest opinion, nobody finished like these two.

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