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2012-13 The Positive Thread

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I don't think I've seen a team that's sign a long term deal with a player actually be harmed by it. And outside of our very own Gomez whose production makes him unmovable none of these "dumb" contracts have seemed to stop trades (like M. Richards and Carter for example) and others who are in the process of being shopped (Nash and Bobby Lu). In the latter, these players who are now discontent presumably would have walked when their term was up - so their deals are actually providing value to the team that has them... just not enough to make the deal(s) just yet.

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Guest habs1952

Bears are 3-1.

NBA starts soon.

I live in Florida.

More TV time for the wifey.

I'm positively ok without hockey.

But wouldn't you be positively ecstatic with hockey?

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