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2012-13 The Positive Thread

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Markov survived game 1.....*and looked pretty damn good out there

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Another game tomorrow night and an opportunity to put opening night in the past.

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Given all the negativity that surrounded the team after the first game, I'd like to focus on the what i liked in the first two games of the season. Now, I know we played a questionable Panthers team that were likely very tired, playing the second game of a back-to-back, but that doesn't mean we cant get at least a little excited about what we did right tonight, as well as in the Leafs game, whether its individual players' play, or what have you.


While I didnt really notice him late in the Panthers game, he has played very well so far. Rene is playing physical, showing hustle and and showing us how well he can play. If he can continue to play like this for a whole (well, shortened) season, I will be very pleased.


Only in his second game as an 18 year old, he;s shown glimpses of what he is capable of. He's got a lightning quick release and is a strong guy. He shows hustle, back checks well and goes to the net as evidenced by his first NHL goal. (By the way, as I am writing this, Yakupov has also scored his first. What a start to the season for rookies)


I know he is only 1 game deep, but he has done exactly what we know him for. Despite his size, he hits, and goes to the net. I see him as sort of a combination of Gionta and Brad Marchand. Small, fiesty, hits, scores and gets under people's skin.


He has done exactly what we expect of him thus far. Plays physical, solid defensively, chipping in in the o-zone and picks up for team mates. Prust is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on this team. Also, I believe he was the one who got the puck for Galchenyuk after his goal.


Works cant even express how pleased I am to see Markov playing the way he is. After a shaky, unfortunate 2 seasons, he finally looks healthy and I dont feel nervous when he takes a hit or goes into the corners. 2 goals tonight, he hasn't lost his offensive ability, thats for sure. He is being played in all situations and that will go a long way if he can stay healthy.


I, like a lot of people, kindof questioned this signing. In PK's absence, Frankie has been great. In his late 30's he still looks good on his skates and plays with an edge. His puck movement seems better than a remember, but maybe that;s just me.


His play overseas got me a little bit excited about him this season, but I didnt buy into it too much. He looks very smooth on his skates and just looks like a better overall player this year. Maybe if he gets more time with Markov on the PP he can put up some alright numbers.

Carey Price:

Well, not much to say here. Exactly what I expected. Great, consistent goalie. Classic Carey.

4th line:

We FINALLY have a fourth line that can compete with the best of them. Great energy guys, all of whom can fight, defend, hit and chip in offensively. We can finally roll all four lines and not worry when that 4th line gets out there. Love this line

Penalty kill:

Any PK with Carey Price backstopping it, is probably going to be a good one. We have plenty of capable penalty killers in Pleks, Gionta, Bourque, Eller, White, Armstrong, Prust and Moen. This (hopefully) should take a lt of pressure off Plekanec. The PK was good despitegiving up 2 goals against T.O. Too bad we have to kil so many, but this is not the thread for that.

Overall team toughness:

Outside of guys like Emelin (who I wanted to put above, as well), Boo, Prust, White, etc, we are getting smoe toughness from guys like Gallagher, Plekanec and Gorges finishing their checks.

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