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Blake Geoffrion

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Just goes to show how things have changed. My father playing in the OHL in the late 40's (won memorial with Barrie i think) was stuck by a puck in the head. He suffered a fractured skull when a teammates shot struck him in the head. 2 Months later he was back on the ice-without a helmet. He played a few more years, was drafted by the rags.

How things have changed.

If this were the 70's, Blake would be back with the team.

My father did suffer from Alzheimers. Doc felt it could be a result fo the fractured skull.

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Best of luck to Geoffrion in whatever he chooses to do in his post-hockey career. Sad to see a player have to leave the game because of head trauma, but like he said himself, this is his brain we're talking about.


Very sad to see - especially considering he never really had a chance to show the type of player he truly was - but the decision is the right one. Best of luck in all of your endeavours, Blake.

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Right decision for Blake,though imagining how tough it was....his life-long shorten hockey dream shattered for good ....best to ya on your new endeavors down the road Blake,

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