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Game #11: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 Maple Leafs @ Canadiens 7:00 PM


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Subban and Gorges need to be reunited. Diaz and Boullion are being relied on too much.

There are a variety of little roster fine-tune changes I think might be helpful... if we were buyers. If this is the level of performance and interest we can expect, I severely doubt we're going to be buyers by the end of the week, let alone the trade deadline.

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Meet the new Montreal Canadiens, same as the old Montreal Canadiens.

This is us, people. Not the team that started the season hot. This is who we are. And as a systems coach, Therrien is awful. It's clear from the way guys like Gorges and Subban are actually regressing under his coaching.

Exactly this. Our hot start was simply over-achieving against mostly low-tier teams, nothing more. Our goalie is solid (& can't be blamed today, what with most of the game being played on our end), our D is decent but a bit young yet, and our offence absolutely stinks.

Repeat of last year. Yay.

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It is not the end of the season. We are just having a bad period.

We've lost two straight and haven't frankly looked particularly good for ten days now. There is no scoring, because the majority of our supposed top-six forwards aren't, well, scoring. Cole, Gionta, DD, Pacioretty -- all in slumps. Therrien has made a mess of the D pairings and we are not even able to sustain OZone pressure, let alone generate quality chances with any regularity. And there is no injury excuse to use; the whole team is healthy. It's not the end of the season, but we simply can't afford to go on protracted losing streaks. In a 48-game season, a three-game losing streak is actually serious.

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Yep, fantastic 3rd pairing for sure. Just absurd that our only top pairing D man isn't on the top pairing.

Mute your TV or switch to RDS :P

I dont mind cole. Theres very few announcers I dislike and that list is 1. Jack Edwards. 2. Thats the end of the list.

Therrien needs to do something.

and Yup. Eller and the Kids are together

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