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Ryder traded to Montreal for Cole


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Man I'm shocked! But frankly not disappointed. Can't believe we just dumped the last 2 seasons of Cole's deal, I guess management thinks he'll never regain the form from last year again. Ryder's no slouch either, and he should be motivated in a contract year. I like this. The last 2 years of Cole's deal were always a gamble and we just dumped them. Crazy.

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I dont know about this, not sure how much Ryder got left in the tank. It also seemed to me that cole was heating up, maybe they want a pure shooter to match up on Gallys wing.

Ryder's contract is up after the year, thinking this is more to free up cap room than anything.

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Even Price sent Cole a message via Twitter so it must be confirmed.

He must've asked for the trade. I wonder what happened, he seemed so happy last season when the team was doing badly. Now the team is doing well, he asks to be traded?!?

I'll miss Cole, have wanted him on the habs when the Oil signed him.

Maybe problems with MT or MB, just don't understand why he'd demand a trade when the teams finally doing well.

Could account for his lackluster play since the start of the season.

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