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2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Round 1

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Pitsburg over New York Islanders in 5

Montreal over Ottawa in 6

New York Rangers over Washignton in 7

Boston over Toronto in 6

Chicago over Minnesota in 5

Anaheim over Detriot(terrible joke) in 7

Vancouver over San Jose in 7

Los Angelas oner Saint Louis in 6

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Well that was quick. Alex Steen ends it and then a minute later Chicago (didn't see who) puts it away.

Absolutely loved the game in St Luois. Best I've seen in a while

Now lets go Ducks!

You misspelled Red Wings. :P

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Usually go for the underdog,,,,in games I don't care about.

Same here, but I live in Red Wings country and they are the most arrogant and annoying fans I have ever meant. Don't know much about the game either.

How are you fine folks doing this evening?

2 overtime games, and the team I care about most (St. Louis) won. I have an exam tomorrow, but I'm great :D

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