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Ladies & gentlemen, children of all ages, gather around for I have some pleasant news to pass along!!!

It was a short season therefore we are naming one HOF this year. It was a tough task narrowing down the field to only one as we have some truly amazing members here.

Joining FH, Clues & kinot is:


Thank you habs1952 for putting in the time & effort in promoting the forum through your daily contributions and posts as well as being respectful, courteous and helpful towards others.

On behalf of myself & the rest of the moderating & admin team, thank you for making this forum a better place.

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hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaahhahahhhahhah :mellow: :unsure:

JK. Congrats 52, very well deserving.

It's okay, I can handle plants. B)

Funny you should say that, 123. This morning while walking,,, I saw these beautiful plants,,, and instantly thought of 52. So I picked them and here they are.

These are for you 52, enjoy.


Don't say I never think of you.

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Guest habs1952

:o Congrats on the induction habs1952!!

Good luck with the other purple members :P

Thanks Beaubie. I just need to watch my back with the males. Clues is nice. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Ted, HTB and HTL....Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Hey Ted,,,,he IS the junior HOF member. :P

You forgot to mention 'most handsome'. <_<:lol: :lol:

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