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Poll of the Week: Team Canada RIGHT wingers



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  1. 1. Which 4 of the following players would you select to play RW for Canada at the Sochi Olympics?

    • Martin St. Louis
    • Jordan Eberle
    • Claude Giroux
    • Chris Stewart
    • Corey Perry
    • Shane Doan
    • Wayne Simmonds
    • Jarome Iginla
    • Nathan Horton
    • Brendan Gallagher
    • Alex Burrows
    • Jordin Tootoo
    • Daniel Briere
    • Matt Read
    • P.A. Parenteau

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Our Team Canada thus far:

Price, Luongo, Ward








Now we want to know who you want to add to the RW side to complete the above lines. Choose your top 4 from the list above or write in our own votes. Again, players listed here are those categorized as RW's by nhl.com. You will have the chance to vote in your reserves from amongst the best of the leftovers once this series is done!

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I chose Marty,,,because he's still got it

Eberle,,,,,,, because he will bring exhuberance and youthfull energy

Gally,,,well maybe I'm biased, but we all know what he brings.

And Perry ,,,because he is a veteran, does everything he can to win.

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I took Giroux, Perry, St. Louis, and Simmonds.

I think Giroux's the best all-around player in the bunch despite his youth. Perry's a clutch player with international experience and goal-scoring ability. St. Louis, despite his age, has shown year in year out that he's still on top of his game, so there's really no reason to leave him out.

Simmonds is the wild card for me. He's unlikely to get a nod, but I like his speed and drive to the net, and I think he's a guy you can stick on the 4th line and have him perform in limited minutes.

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St.Louis - He's getting old, sure, but he's still the leading scorer and it's hard to argue with that. Barring a collapse next year I think this is a guy who you can bring for veteran presence that won't let you down.

Giroux, Perry - Proven players who can score and who can also play defensively.

Parenteau/??? - I chose Parenteau with my fourth pick, but it's actually more of a fill-in for "who's hot this year". There wasn't a fourth name that really stood out to me, so I'd say either use this spot to bring a centreman or go with whoever gets off to a hot start next year.

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Giroux, Perry, Iginla & Horton for me.

That gives you 4 guys who are not only offensive forces but could theoretically play on any of the 4 lines. I wouldnt be opposed to bringing someone like Gallagher as the 4th line energy player, but I think you have to go with a bit more experience in this case.

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St. Louis(You can't argue with the most points in the league), Giroux(Proved he's one of the best and can play defensively), and Perry(Elite sniper) are locks IMO. I was torn on the 4th guy but I just picked Eberle for whatever reason, but I think it should be whoever out of the rest is hot next year.

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The bigger ice surface may play in his favour, whereas the last Olympics was in NA with NHL sized iced.

His 3 seasons before the Olympics he had 102, 83, and 80 points.

I don't care if they were playing on a 10 by 10 field of marrigolds, it was absurd that he was left off of the team, and it is amusing that 4 years later he is basically a lock for the squad.

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