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2013-2014 Mark My Words


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MMW....Galchenyuk top scorer for Habs (going out on Limb)

Theory (last years results :rolleyes::oB) )

48 NHL Regular Season Games (27 Points)
5 NHL Playoff Games (3 Points)
33 OHL Regular Season Games (61 Points)
7 World Junior Championship Games (8 Points)
4 World Championship Games (2 Points)
97 Total Games Played (101 Points) LOL, smiley-gen013.gif

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Guest Regis2

Ill go with this


The Canadiens begin the season with three second lines and issues on the back end: Andrei Markov’s age and fragility, Jarred Tinordi’s experience, Raphael Diaz’s susceptibility to pressure.

Marc Bergevin’s best off-season acquisition was Stéphane Waite. Let’s hope the coach who turned Antti Niemi and Corey Crawford into Stanley Cup goaltenders can help Carey Price realize potential acknowledged by all but the most diehard Halakites.

Fearless prediction: The Canadiens will make it close, but they’ll be pipped at the wire for the Eastern Conference’s eighth playoff spot.

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MMW Laffs will fizzle out starting second half of season

habs will consistently move forward

Bruins and Ottawa will be disappointed, new additions

not meeting expectations

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Prediction: Subban leads NHL defensemen in power-play points. Again.

Prediction: Pacioretty reaches the 35-goal mark.

Prediction: Eller will be the No. 1 center by mid season.

Prediction: Briere finishes second in team scoring.

Prediction: Price finishes as a Vezina finalist in 2013-14.

One Prediction for Each of the Montreal Canadiens' Top Stars in 2013-14

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Just thought I would go back through some of the statements we made earlier this year. Not to prove anyone was right or wrong, but just to see whether certain players or the team in general met or failed to meet expectations...

Mark my words... This time next year people will be praising MB for the "little" moves he made, as we go deeper in next year's post season than we have in many many seasons.

Still too early to tell. By little moves, I'd count players like Parros, Murray, Weise, and Weaver. The latter two may still yet play a big part of a playoff push, so this could be correct, but surprisingly, it was MB's big move (Vanek) which probably dictates more than any other move...

MMW: Magnus Nygren (who most of us aren't talking about) earns a permanent spot in the lineup by year end.

So much for this... doesn't look very promising at this point, but hopefully still a guy we can pull back into the fold like we did Emelin.

MMW: Briere will pot 30 goals.

The expectations for Briere were quite mixed this year, with some thinking he would flop and others thinking he would surprise. He didn't get to 30 goals, but to me, Briere has actually surpassed expectations given the ice time limitations he was held under. Not the right fit here, not worth 8M over two years, but could be a player who becomes very valuable in the playoffs if opposing teams target the top lines and leave him better match-ups.

MMW Galchenyuk and Eller will both hit 60 points.

I still believe both guys can do this one day, but not any time soon with the current coach. He just doesn't have enough faith to play those guys the way younger players get ice and develop in other cities.

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Guest habs1952

0/3 in MMW predictions this year :lol:

MMW: Habs draft a forward with character in the first or second round.

Why should we believe you? :lol:

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MB will re-sign Markov and Gionta :( , instead of scouring the market or promoting youngsters to fill their slots. A conservative mindset.

In the end of year presser, MB sounded as if he was ready to move on from these older players..what makes you think hes bringing em back?

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