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National TV schedule for 2013-2014 season!


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For the upcoming season, there will be 26 Saturdays, 21 of them being doubleheaders and five tripleheaders. Television viewers with extra CBC channels and online viewers can enjoy 16 two way split telecasts and five 3 way split telecasts.

There will also be nine additional days HNIC will have hockey games. The season opener on Tuesday, October 1 will be a doubleheader, the New Year's Day game on a Wednesday, two Thursday games, two Friday games, and three Sunday games.

The NHL website is accurate.

There are currently some errors and omissions on the CBC website.

I am impressed that there will be four split telecasts at 2000h. That is a major improvement and it shows that complaining works!

Here is the breakdown of the canadian teams on HNIC.

29 Habs games---Montreal plays on 25 out of 26 Saturdays, two Sundays, and three weekday games
25 Leafs games---Toronto plays on 23 Saturdays and two weekday games

17 Senators games with 14 of them on Saturday, two weekday games, and one on Sunday
there will also be five regional Saturday games available on Sportsnet East

15 Canucks games with 13 of them on Saturday, one game on Friday, and one on Sunday
there will also be two regional Saturday games available on Sportsnet Pacific

14 Jets games---11 of them on Saturday, two weekday games, and one on Sunday
there will also be four regional Saturday games available on TSN Jets

13 Oilers games---11 of them on Saturday and two weekday games, there will also be

three regional Saturday games available on Sportsnet West

12 Flames games---all of them on Saturday and at 2000h
there will also be three regional Saturday games available on Sportsnet West


TSN and TSN2 http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=29181
A total of 150 games shown on the two channels.

TSN http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyseason.htm?season=20132014&gameType=2&te am=&network=TSN&venue=
81 games including seven simulcasts from NBCSN and one from NBC

TSN2 http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyseason.htm?season=20132014&gameType=2&te am=&network=NBCSN&venue=
All 69 games are NBCSN simulcasts

NBC http://www.nhl.com/i...work=NBC&venue=

NHL Network USA http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyseason.htm?season=20132014&gameType=2&te am=&network=NHLN-US&venue=
Some games will simulcast the HNIC or the national TSN feed.

NHL Network Canada http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyseason.htm?season=20132014&gameType=2&te am=&network=NHLN-CA&venue= Not yet released but will be soon

The french stations, RDS and RDS2 have not yet released their full schedules. All 82 Habs games are on RDS.

The Chicago station, WGN, released its 20 game Blackhawks schedule, half of them will be on Saturdays which are in bold print. This channel is offered nationally across Canada. smile2.gif


October 12 vs Buffalo
October 19 vs Toronto
October 26 vs Minnesota
November 2 @ Winnipeg
November 9 @ Dallas

November 23 @ Vancouver
December 14 @ Toronto
December 28 @ St. Louis
January 11 @ Montreal
April 12 @ Nashville

Sunday, November 10, vs Edmonton
Sunday, November 17 vs San Jose
Sunday, December 8, vs Florida
Sunday, December, vs Los Angeles
Sunday, January 5 vs San Jose
Sunday, March 23 vs Nashville

Wednesday, November 27, @ Calgary
Wednesday, January 29, @ Vancouver
Wednesday, February 5, @ Anaheim

Monday, February 3 @ Los Angeles

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