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We are just getting back into hockey so some may have forgotten from previous seasons, or our newer members may not know this, but posting links to illegal streams of Habs games is prohibited on this forum. Also, if those links can not be posted, there's no point in asking for one, so just dont.

What is acceptable:

As a general guideline, if the address of a site has a TV acronym in it , it's a safe bet and you can post it. For example, you can post that a game can be seen at http://www.cbc.ca/vi.../Live_Streaming . It's also OK to ask if a TV network is streaming a game (note that RDS is not).

What is not:

Any post containing a link to a stream not sanctioned by the Canadiens or the NHL, whether it's an active link or just the address, will earn a warning to the poster. If you're not sure if a link is legal or not, ask a moderator by PM.

Any post generally asking for a link will be deleted without further explanation.

Where to find the information:

Members who create the Gameday threads usually post the information on how to catch the game. You can also check the main page on canadiens.com, they always indicate the TV networks and radio stations broadcasting the game.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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