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2013-14 Scoreboard Watching

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what is that,,,, a thumb skill? :lol:

It's GTA V Online. It's the second part of the game. Story mode is the first part. In GTA Online you get to make your own character and play with and against real people. You can do missions(with or without other people), play around, buy houses or cars, rob stores, rob people, fight the cops, increase your stats, rank up etc. It's really fun. And it's not something that will be over like storymode.

I'm rank 20, have an apartment worth $150,000, two nice cars, and another $10,000 in the bank.

1-0 Oil

Go Oilers!
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"rob stores, rob people, fight the cops," Why not be a good guy, and take down the bad guys?

Your a bad guy that takes down the other bad guys in missions and stuff. In Online it doesn't really go in depth about your character but in story mode it shows all three characters' personal life and they're nice side and you start liking them and see them as the good guys, no matter how many laws they break. Trevor can be harsh at times but sometimes it even shows him as emotional and soft. Franklin especially is really nice.

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Thank you refs for handing the Leafs another two points on a golden platter. Unbelievable the guy doesn't get called for knocking down the Oiler to create that 3 on 1 break. So typical.

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