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2013/14 STONELY CUP PLAYOFFS (predictions game)


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Congratulations Flying_Lion for this win. I've lost against the winner, my honor is safe :lol:

(...) Well done Flying Lion. a win from behind in the second period of overtime gets you the cup and the kudos.


Congrats FL.

I knew the percentages would not be in my favour.

Thanks, gang. It seems with every series the nail biting got closer and closer to the quick, pardon the pun.

Seriously, I was backed against the wall on a number of occasions and it's only luck that got me through.

Feels pretty good, though. :D

As always, eternal gratitude to Cenner, without whom maybe this game wouldn't get played. Thanks, CH, for all your hard work.

Until October.

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Very tight final. Two well deserving candidates. Unfortunately only one can win it all. Congrats FL and to you too HRF as the runner up.

Thanks again CH for all the effort put into this thread.

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