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Can you imagine pro hockey in this 500-soul village?


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Amazing view, amazing and interesting facts. My wife and I, enjoyed it, we were on our way out the door, when I decided to peruse the forum, and glad I did. How people feel about their teams.

Some items that stood out for us:

In Ambrì, however, the clock seems to have stood still. Going to an Ambrì match is like a journey through time to watch hockey in an old-school arena that’s partly open and hasn’t changed much since getting a roof in 1979.
In this aspect Ambrì is like the bumblebee that doesn’t look like it’s supposed to fly – but currently it’s flying high and resists any logic. The mere existence of this club in the top Swiss league is a miracle both sport and business-wise. It can be compared to seeing Slovenia at the Olympics in Sochi despite having just 148 senior players and only one professional club team.
In ten homes games Ambrì had seven wins. That’s when La Montanara, the Song of the Mountains, can be heard at the end of the game.
Now Ambrì sympathizers all around the country hope that the great start of the season will bear fruits when it comes to making the playoffs and succeeding in the post-season like in the good old days.
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