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Well, we 100% did not deserve to be in this game. Had decent stretches from Briere, Gallagher, Subban, Markov, but overall a weak weak performance. We got a point thanks to Carey and Carey alone, and the other players need to take a long hard look at their performance in the mirror. With the team getting healthy and carrying extra players, you'd think guys would be competing for ice time...

My 3 Stars:

1. Price

2. Bishop

3. Hedman

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Playing a team that just lost its best player and playing on back-to-back nights, this Habs performance was not up to par with what it should have been.

Particularly when they were rested. MT needs to be asked about it. These slow starts are murdering the team's chances.

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PK's shooting was great. He kept it low and on target. His skating was strong. But his puck control and passing were off tonight. He had some good stretches but he wasn't as dominant as usual.

He dominated Fenwick and corsi though. The team was terrible when he wasn't on the ice. They were good when he was on
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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