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Game #37 Thu, 19 Dec 2013 Canadiens @ Blues 8:00 PM RDS


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And cue the always hard-working and innovative hockey media. I wonder how long they'll wait before they generate another week's worth of hard-hitting storylines about Halak and Price. Five or six milliseconds, I'm betting.

Come April when Halak leads a team that should easily make the cup final to another second round exit, I'm going to be laughing like mad.

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Posted about that in the Briere thread.

Couldn't agree more. Briére played well with Plekanec and Gio. He is absolutely wasted being relegated to play on a fourth line. He still has skill and he could be a useful asset for him if Therrien would just let him contribute. Guys like Bourque and Bournival can still contribute on lower lines but Briere is a finesse player who needs to play with good players to be effective.

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We're actually out shooting them.

Score effects, I'm betting. Which shouldn't ever be a factor this early in a game, but it is what it is.

I don't want to sound silly, but this is of course still a completely winnable game. The troops need to be rallied very, very well in the intermission, however.

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