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Game #74 Tue 25 March 2014 Sabres @ Canadiens 7:30 PM EST RDS TSN-HABS MSG Buffalo TSN 690


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The Buffalo Sabres


(And no, they never get to live that logo down)

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The Buffalo Sabres are in 30th place, dead last or close to it in nearly every important statistical category, and are generally pretty terrible (trap game!). They're also 2-8-0 in their last ten. Neither of their two NHL goalies are playing tonightwe're probably going to see Matt Hackett, who's played in 14 NHL games. Girgensons, Stewart, and Myers likely won't play. They've been out of the playoffs basically since November.

All of that is applicable to this particular Habs-Sabres game. But if you know people from western New York, after the last decade or so you may be tempted to bring up traumatic Buffalo sports moments that aren't as relevant to this game. That's not cool. Habs fans, I implore you: Leave the four straight Super Bowl losses out of it. And let's not bring up Brett Hull's 1999 Stanley Cup winning goal.

(Also featured: Bob Cole being confused. Denis Potvin?)

Or the 2006 Eastern Conference Finals.


(Or the fact that we have more Buffalo Sabres captains on our roster than they do :ph34r:)

Instead, let's remember the happy times between us. Like when Rob Ray introduced himself to that Nordiques fan.

We need to win, and Buffalo probably wouldn't mind locking up the best odds in the draft lottery. The stars are aligned! So, Habs fans, let's hope for a good, clean game that leaves everyone happy. And let's steer wide right of low blows to our brothers and sisters in the City of No Illusions. They've been through enough.

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Hahaha :D. Great GDT '93!

The biggest challenge tonight will be getting up the energy to play hard. Playing the second game in two nights after an emotional win against a (physical) rival (that went to overtime) (with 10 forwards) (killing penalties for the entire third period).... I've gotta say, this has all the makings of the most boring game of the year.

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The beauty about stealing two points last night is that it would take the sting out of a loss tonight. I'm hoping for the best though, and i believe we will walk away with 2 more.

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Love your GDT, 93, let's hope it does the trick. :)

I think Carey will have to be "on" tonight for us to win.

Projected BUFFALO line-up.
Foligno – Ennis – Stafford
Conacher – Hodgson – Mitchell
Deslauriers – Flynn – D’Agostini
Scott – Ellis -Leino
Ehrhoff – Myers
Tallinder – Ruhwedel
Weber – McBain
Goal: Matt Hackett
Scratches/Injuries: Konopka, Girgensons, Stewart, Sulzer, Enroth, Neuvirth
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We're in trouble. Buffalo is starting a goalie we've never faced and we know how those games turn out. :(

Ohhhhh,, buck up, 52, oh ye of little faith.

Matt Hackett, eh? Who? :huh:

I wonder if he's related to Jeff Hackett? Son maybe?

Nephew of Jeff Hackett,,,, and,,,,,,,, born in London :P

This year with Rochester,,,, 3.07 GAA,,, and .898 SV%,,,, 33GP,,, 13W,,,17L,,,and 2 ties.

I love google. :D

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I was outrageously happy the yesterday's result but i don't think I will need to do voodoo this game. In any case, enjoy the game all and hopefully it's another 2 points in the books!

Meh.....couldn't hurt:


We're in trouble. Buffalo is starting a goalie we've never faced and we know how those games turn out. :(

Vezina in the house. Bottom-feeder team. Habs play second game of back-to-back, and play down to their opponents' level.


I can see all kinds of things going wrong tonight.....

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