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Guest kanudiggit

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Guest Alex-Habsfan23

Lol, what are the fans gonna do about it anyways? :?

But their defense sucks, their goalie's gonna choke, and everytime they come to the Bell Centre, they'll be lying in a pile of red, orange, brown, and yellow. (Dead leaf colours)

Ahh that's a new sig idea, kimmy_ok! Leafs dressed in dead leaf colours, with "Autumn has arrived!" under it, lol. And Huet standing there with a rake or something....

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Guest habsFREAK27
leaf forums are a joke, it's a bunch of stupid kids (or dumbed down leaf fans) talking like they are in a chat, and signatures are piled stories high!

EDIT: Decided to read the forums again, what a laugh. They are talking about having a good defense being a defensive minded team, they think they are sound in net.[/quote:c22afb6b88]

lol maybe I don't read the same threads as you :D

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aw lol HFIP27, guys leafs forum sucks because of youngs kids messing around (my opinion), other than that, they aren't stupid, forum isn't that crazy, well...almost :D , mad knows a lot about it![/quote:371785ec23]

Yeah, lol. I spend the same amount of time there as I do over here, maybe even more. :oops: Honestly, it's very entertaining, and there's a lot of fans from different teams (something we don't have very much of over here). And there are a few Leaf fans that are somewhat realistic when it comes to their expectations for next season...then there are those that think they'll surely own Ottawa next year :roll: .

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I made a few.







If you use any please credit me.

Thanks :D[/quote:df76e6bafb]

Those are really nice :D . Good to know we have lots of talented artists on this forum

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can anyone do a goodbye sig for Bulis, Sunny and Zed plz i would really apreciate it!!! thx in advance :D[/quote:b17536623c]

plz anyone i'm still trying to firgure out the paint pro photos shop program so until then i would really like it if i could have at least one sig under my post!!![/quote:b17536623c]

it's either the sigs or an avatar of begin plz someone i'll be more than happy and i would really apreciate it

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Guest hip_hip_huet

So after my rather iffy first signature, I finally managed to create something that I am proud of and not afraid to post ... Thanks for the links to the tutorials earlier in this board - it helped me create the background for my sig...

Let me know what you guys think.

Also, Lucho, remember that kovy background u made with the tvs and stuff... I just wanted to see how you made it so I made a Huet wallpaper myself. I'd like to post it but since it's your idea entirely, I wouldn't want to do it without your permission.[/img]

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