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Guest kanudiggit

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@ ryan.go.habs, its simple but I like your Lats sig.

@ MDAS, I like the first Kovalev sig the best, I am just not a big fan of the swirl and foggy effects.

I wish I could be as creative as you guys, just aint got the tools.

Maybe if one of you got the time, I would realy like to have a sig in a style like the ones you posted.

Keep up the good work ;)

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Ok guys and girls, ever wanted to rip a sig and make the creator feel like garbage, do it to mine. I cannot seem to get back to my old sig style and this is what I got tonight (I hate it). Please comment and give alot of creative criticism, I need to start doing the work I used to so I need help! Thanks guys!


PS. I know I got a little intense :P

Its kinda boring...

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Nice AK...Where'd you get the picture?

New sig from me, up for grabs.


I took the picture at the Jamboree...

As for the sig, I think it needs some text and thopse effects (with the ink scrawling down the squares) look out of place. Looks nice though. Captain K for the win!

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Guest Bud2790

@ ryan.go.habs: The sig is nice and plain, but it's lacking...you need to add more depth to the BG..anything really. The text is simple, but maybe bring it down a little bit...it seems like it's just floating there! Your main Lats picture is either too small, or your canvas is too big IMO.. Work a little bit on those aspects and you should be good to go!!

@ AK: I love the Kostopoulos wall!! I'm not a fan of that color, but it seems to work for me in this wall!

@ MDAS: The 1st Kovy sig is the best i find and i don't really like the Koivu sig..especially the effects..

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Looks nice. It's just that the red is a bit too intense for me :lol: Perhaps lower the contrast?

New sig, same concept, same pic, more detail.



Needs even more detail, and some lighting on Latendresse's face. The cut is a bit uhh, well seems like part of his face is missing.


V2 of my Kostopoulos wall : http://www.o2designz.com/forum/uploads/U312-1194805501.png

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