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I just discovered today that Photoshop cs3 has animation controls built in. I've still been using Imageready and not very often, because that program seems so counter intuitive and I end up having to play around and redo things too often.

Anyway, I mention this in case others were unaware like myself and to show my userbar test run I did.


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any comments?

Here's some constructive criticism:

Like said above, the text doesn't flow with the signature. Change the font, I do think that something bigger and bulkier fading in behind the render would look nice.

The yellow text on the top is illegible, and doesn't match with the rest of the color palette. Neither does the #14 up top. Keep in mind when you're leaving your personal mark on a signature make sure it flows with the rest of it.

The graphic itself is amazing, just the text needs work =)

Hope that helps!

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Hello fellow Habs fans, I am new here to the forums. Well I saw some real nice sigs in this topic so I would like some opinions on my attemp at making one. I am not very good at graphics and the Kovalev pic was the only one I found that was cut :(

Even though it is currently in my sig here is the link top it


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